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NYE magNYE Magazine – 2008 to 2012

NYE is an iconic and well known brand owned by NYE and put onto this magazine. The NYE Magazine!

The NYE Magazine is a FREE magazine aimed as a street publication and for general distribution. NYE Magazine contains content that is relevant to New Years Eve. It is a quality print item making it highly attractive and desirable.

Launched in Melbourne in 2008 the NYE Magazine went from 8 pages in the first year to 32 full colour pages in 2012 with a distribution of over 100,000 copies. Each year the positions in the Mag were sold out.

The original plan was to release editions in each of the major capital cities or population areas around Australia.  eg. NYE Melbourne Edition.  And that each magazine would have material on New Years Eve for and around that location.
In 2013 we decided to rethink that strategy as majors were pulling out of the print media.
We still think there is a place for print of this material … it will just be thought through.

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This iconic publication provides for Full Colour gloss advertising with specific areas dedicated to general content (local and national), editorial, NYE events listings and then various areas for detailed advertising.

Some Findings

The lifespan of the magazine is very high as it is a high quality full colour print publication that is filled with relevant information presented in an appealing manner.

Our research has showed that the Mag is used by groups aswell as individuals and is highly valued in terms of ownership.